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Simply log into our online Vision system and go into the referencing tab.  Select ‘Create Enquiry’ and add the property details.  Proceed to the next page, and you will be asked for the applicant’s name, and if you would like ‘Tenant Online Completion’.  Select ‘Yes’ on the drop down box, and you will be prompted for an email address for your applicant.  The rest of the application form is sent via an email link to your applicant to complete.

As standard, when an applicant has completed their Tenant Link, the application will come back to you. You will receive an email to confirm that your applicant has filled in their information. You would then need to log into Vision and via the ‘Tenant Link Progress’ section, you can check over the application form to make sure you are happy with the applicant, and then you can submit the application form to Let Alliance.

If an applicant has lived outside of the UK at any stage during the last 6 months, we will not be able to perform a credit check on them, therefore the Express product will not be available to you. We can, however complete a full Ultimate Reference. We will declare on the Final Report that the applicant has no UK credit file, therefore adverse credit cannot be detected, but we will complete an income check and a landlord reference, if applicable.

We strongly advise that you purchase Rent Guarantee before the tenancy begins, however in the event that this is required after the tenancy start date, you are able to purchase a Rent Guarantee policy based on an ‘Existing Tenant’. Rent Guarantee will be issued to you on the condition that:

  • There has been no arrears of more than 7 days
  • There have been no previous Rent Guarantee claims during the tenancy.

Log into the online Vision system and click into the referencing tab. Select ‘Enquiry Progress Report’ on the options on the left of your screen. On this page you can check what tasks have been completed and the progress notes made on each task. If you require further information, you can contact your Account Manager.

References are valid for 60 days. Once this time limit has passed, applicants will need to be referenced again. This is so we can ensure that all information and circumstances have not changed and the final assessment we have recommended to you is still applicable.

Our credit scores range between 480 and 620. Generally, we don’t advise as to what would constitute a “good” or “bad” score as this is highly subjective due to the variables in the lending industry. However, a credit score is based upon the presence or absence of adverse credit, such as bankruptcies / CCJ’s, and upon the length of residency on the electoral roll.

In this circumstance the applicant will need to contact the court who has imposed the CCJ onto their credit file. Our Credit Report and Final Report will show you the name of the court along with the court reference number, the date the CCJ was imposed, and whether or not this CCJ has been satisfied. Due to data protection, our credit reports do not state why the adverse credit has been imposed.

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