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  1. You will be required to successfully pass an authentication process before Let Alliance will be provided with your credit file from TransUnion (“TransUnion Data”). Not all customers will successfully pass authentication and neither Let Alliance nor TransUnion are required to notify you why you have not been successfully authenticated, but one reason for this may be that, at the time Let Alliance requests the TransUnion Data, TransUnion has been unable to match your personal details to the correct credit profile in its database.
  2. Let Alliance will only be provided with TransUnion Data in respect of customers that are over 18 years of age and who live in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.
  3. You confirm that the person utilising Let Alliance and providing consent is you personally and you are not doing so on behalf of a third party (whether as agent or representative on behalf of, or as a service provider to, or otherwise).
  4. TransUnion shall use its reasonable efforts to verify the accuracy of the information provided as part of TransUnion Data, however, TransUnion cannot guarantee that it is completely accurate as some of this information comes from other businesses, which get the information from other sources themselves such as the electoral register, insurance companies or financial institutions. Neither TransUnion, nor any other third parties used to provide the TransUnion Data have any control over the content of such information and are not responsible if it turns out to be inaccurate.
  5. Any TransUnion Data, or information derived from the TransUnion Data, that is provided is for guidance and information only. The fact you may have a good credit score does not mean that your application will be accepted and Let Alliance have their own acceptance criteria. Also, a credit score does not take into consideration affordability issues which are also considered by us.
  6. Let Alliance reserves the right to suspend access to any TransUnion Data or any information derived from the TransUnion Data if at any time TransUnion or Let Alliance considers that there is or is likely to be a breach of security or misuse of Let Alliance services or any TransUnion Data or any information derived from the TransUnion Data (meaning use thereof in a way which is not permitted or is fraudulent); or the use of Let Alliance services, any TransUnion Data or any information derived from the TransUnion Data is in any way detrimental to Let Alliance or TransUnion.
  7. You acknowledge and agree that all intellectual property rights in the TransUnion Data or any information derived from the TransUnion Data and all aspects of them shall be owned by TransUnion and/or its licensors.
  8. The request for your credit report will leave a footprint on your credit file, which is not visible to lenders, but will be visible to you and this footprint will read as having been made by Let Alliance (or as notified by TransUnion from time to time); and in order to allow Let Alliance to access the credit report as part of their tenant referencing services, you are submitting a request under section 15 of the GDPR (or any successor legislation) to TransUnion.
  9. By confirming the Let Alliance consent in your referencing application, you authorise Let Alliance to obtain your credit report and if you later withdraw your authorisation, Let Alliance will immediately delete any data it holds and cease providing the referencing services which rely on it. Let Alliance will retain all records in respect of your authorisation and, by submitting requests to TransUnion for data, agrees that it has in place the relevant and up-to-date authorisation.

Why should I use Open Banking?

No need to provide us with endless documents

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The information you provide is safe, secure and managed by you


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The decision is based on the information you authorise our partner TransUnion to provide us


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