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Who’s calling me from 01244… 421169, 207045, 421993, 617470, 564989, 886230 or 207035?

Have you had a phone call from one of our numbers:

01244 421169, 01244 207045, 01244 421993, 01244 617470, 01244 564989, 01244 886230 or 01244 207035

Don’t panic, it’s only us! It’s most likely that we were calling you to have a chat about your home move. This will probably be about your referencing checks or our insurance products available for your new home.

Just give us a call back and we will be able to help!

At Let Alliance we help millions of tenants move home by carrying out detailed checks on behalf of professional letting agents across the UK.

Tenants Liability Insurance

We can help protect you against the potential cost of you damaging your landlords property.

Mike Dawson
Sales Director