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Accidental & Malicious damage by tenants can happen

Posted by on September 12, 2012

Here at Let Alliance we pride ourselves on providing the best possible cover within our policy for landlords and tenants alike. However when it comes to Landlord Buildings and/ or Contents Insurance we cannot stress enough the importance of considering enhancing the policy with our optional covers for Accidental and Malicious Damage by the tenant.

So many landlords are not protected against these two very important policy covers because their current provider does not provide the cover or if they do, the cost of the additional cover causes the landlord to choose the cheaper option. This therefore leaves a risk of not being able to claim for something that is widely required.

Remember, Malicious Damage can vary greatly from something like breaking internal fixture or fittings to defacing the external walls of the property.

Lisa Wright, Head of Intermediary Sales at Let Alliance says “We understand the importance of Accidental & Malicious Damage cover here at Let Alliance and this is why we provide the cover option in the first place. Secondly, we also understand that price is important and that’s why we provide both of these cover options for one small premium increase. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at just how little it can cost for such an important enhancement to the policy”.

Not only this, at Let Alliance we also provide Landlord Home Emergency Cover as another important cover option. It does exactly what it says by providing Landlords with a 24/7 claim line for home emergencies. We also have our innovative 3 way claims call process allowing the landlord, our home emergency claims team and a qualified tradesman all on the same phone call to make sure the call out for the emergency is agreed at a time that suites all with no potential for crossed wires.

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