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Let Alliance enter The ESTAS ‘Supplier of the Year Award’ Category – 2013

Posted by on November 13, 2012

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The Estate and Letting Agent Awards ‘ESTAS’ are again launching the highly successful ‘Supplier of the Year Award’.

“There are a huge number of suppliers to the industry and our aim is to highlight those that provide the best service and the most value to the agents they work with,” says Simon Brown, who runs the ESTAS. “Voting for this category will be based on the same formula as that used for rating agents, namely feedback from customers, estate & letting agents will be able to rate the level of service provided by a supplier by completing an online questionnaire. “

“We want agents who have used suppliers’ products and services in 2012 to rate their experience. The results will not only help to highlight the best performing suppliers, but will also provide valuable feedback to those companies so they can develop their services accordingly.”

Comment from Andy Halstead, Chief Executive at Let Alliance

We are now well into our second year of serving letting agents and we have decided to have a real good go at winning some industry recognition. We have taken the brave and somewhat nerve wracking step of entering Let Alliance into the ‘Best Industry Supplier’ category at the EASTS 2013.

Let Alliance needs your votes and we really hope that you can help us perform well in the competition and on behalf of all our valued letting agent customers… win!
We know how busy you are, we are processing your transactions every day; however could we please ask you to take a few minutes out of your day to and vote for Let Alliance by clicking the following link: http://www.theestas.com/supplier_profile/let-alliance-limited/

Of course we would love to be your supplier of choice; however your feedback is invaluable, so thank you in advance for your time, business and continued support.

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