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Posted by on November 16, 2012

Let Alliance is fast becoming the No.1 provider of choice for Letting Agents across the UK with new agencies signing up each week.  If you are wondering why so many are joining The Alliance, let us give you a heads up of our innovative products and pricing.

  • Tenant ‘Express’ Reference £8.00
  • Tenant ‘Ultimate’ Reference £16.00
  • UK Company Assessments £20.00
  • 6 Month Rent Guarantee Insurance (Inc. Free ‘Express’ Reference) £45.00
  • 6 Month Rent Guarantee Insurance (Inc. Free ‘Ultimate’ Reference) £35.00
  • 12 Month Rent Guarantee Insurance (Inc. Free ‘Ultimate’ Reference) £60.00

Our ‘Express’ Tenant References provide instant decisions and we aim to turn around ‘Ultimate’ Tenant References within 48hrs.  All reference and rent guarantee documents are sent and saved via our free on-line ‘Vision’ system.

Now here is what makes our Rent Guarantee Insurance so appealing to Letting Agents and Landlords:

  • All Let Alliance Rent Guarantee Insurance come with a FREE Tenant Reference!
  • All Let Alliance Rent Guarantee Insurance come with a FREE Guarantor Reference!
  • Nil Excess as standard
  • Payable until Vacant Possession (even if the AST comes to an end)
  • Legal proceedings and costs taken care of in the event of eviction
  • We provide you with a 60 Day Claim Window
  • Up to £2,500 Rent Covered per month

Please ask yourself… Does my current provider give me 12 Months’ Nil Excess Rent Guarantee, with free references and including legal cover and payable until vacant possession for £60.00 (+IPT)?

If the answer is No, then please pick up the phone and call us on 08456 850 475. One of our Sales Executives will be more than happy to arrange a new Let Alliance agency for your business.  Alternatively you can register on line http://www.letalliance.co.uk/register/

*You are not tied into our agency agreement.  We do not insist you sign up for 1 year and we provide all accounts with the same quality products and service.

**Prices quoted are ‘per tenant’

***Stand Alone Tenant References excludes VAT (Currently 20%)

****Rent Guarantee Insurance excludes Insurance Premium Tax (IPT – Currently 6%)

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