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Has your let property been damaged?

Posted by on December 5, 2013

If you have suffered damage to your let property building or contents and need to make a claim on your Let Alliance buildings and contents policy, follow our ‘How to make a claim’ process.

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Please ensure you have your Let Alliance policy details to hand.

To make your claim under this policy you must do the following:

  • Provide us with full details of your claim as soon as possible after the event and always within 30 days
  • Immediately notify the police following loss or damage by theft, attempted theft, malicious damage, violent disorder, riots or civil commotion and obtain the Crime Reference Number.
  • Take all steps necessary to reduce further loss, damage or injury
  • Provide us with all information and evidence, including written estimates, proof of ownership and value that we may request
  • Do not under any circumstances effect full repairs without our prior consent
  • Under no circumstances admit, negotiate or settle any claim without our permission in writing.

Emergency Home Assistance

If you experience an emergency at home and would like to make a claim under your Emergency Assistance Policy, please phone 0844 543 4552.

In order for us to verify cover you or your tenant should have your policy number ready to quote when you call and provide your property address and details of the problem. We will aim to arrange a suitable approved contractor to visit the property – the approved contractor may also ask the tenant to produce their tenancy agreement on arrival at your property. As agreed with you and the approved contractor, we will then aim to make an emergency repair.

You should contact your supply company and/or the public emergency services if you have a major emergency that puts someone in danger, which could result in personal injury or serious damage to property.

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