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What a Relief!

Posted by on May 8, 2015

Well that was a little scary – at 4am Labour were leading the race! Thankfully it’s all changed this morning.

Let Alliance has followed the general election closely and communicated with you along the way. Now given the circumstances and how close the election was to call, we believe that this outcome is very positive for our marketplace and industry.

At Let Alliance, we have invested in the propositions that we offer you and we can now work together, with confidence and without the uncertainty. With no imposed threats to legislate, just a funding scheme to help 1.3 million Tenants buy their homes, the panic is over for now.

During the coming days and weeks we will share with you our ideas for taking full advantage of the market conditions and supporting your business in generating significant incremental revenue.

This is a brilliant time to focus on organic growth and we will do everything possible to make this happen for you.

At Let Alliance we are committed to helping your business grow and prosper, no matter what challenges lie ahead, we will always fight your corner.

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