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From a Landlord’s Perspective

Posted by on September 2, 2015

Efficient referencing should be the starting point of any let to reduce the risk of “bad tenants”. All too often you hear the story of nightmare tenants whose referencing has been rushed and most likely outsourced by the letting agent to an incapable firm.

Within months of the tenant moving in they begin to fall short on the rent until they are they are issued with a section 8 notice, however the crafty tenant is wise to this, as their previous landlord who was not included on the referencing knows all too well, therefore they keep their arrears just under two months to make the section 8 notice practically useless. At this point the landlord is saving up for legal costs despite operating at a loss with their current renting issue. In court the tenant puts on a sob story about “losing their job” and not being able to afford to feed the children. When the section 21 notice is finally issued the tenant will begrudgingly hand over the keys and be on their way to fleece their next victim. Meanwhile the landlord is still going grey, down on rent and has the mission of finding a new tenant who will hopefully not be an uncertified con artist. All this could have been avoiding of referencing had been carried out accordingly by the appropriate professionals and ultimately the reputation of the landlord’s agent is damaged.

Let Alliance offer market leading products that are only available through our letting agent customers. Our ‘Ultimate’ Reference service includes a credit report with instant turnaround enables agents to secure tenancies like our Express Referencing service offers, plus a lot more. One of our expert team will engage with employers, landlords and letting agents to complete the verbal and written reference detail. In addition to standard references, we also have the ability to assess students, which we believe is highly important due to the increase in students renting their accommodation. Our Global Referencing service allows us to check the immigration of prospective tenants. The Right to Rent checks are part of the Immigration Act and you must protect your Landlords by validating that a prospective tenant has the right to rent in the UK. It also protects Letting Agents from any penalties incurred from the Home Office if the Tenant has completed the ‘Ultimate Global’ referencing process and met our criteria and finally our referencing service protects agents and landlords at the tenant selection stage to avoid these situations occurring. Our First class tenant referencing is supported by nil excess rent guarantee and legal protection as we believe this is the best possible combination for letting agents.

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