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Right to Rent

Posted by on September 2, 2015

Right to Rent is becoming a key talking point within our industry, as the pilot study, by which landlords or agents must check the immigration status of tenants and evict any who do not hold the right to live in the UK, is more than likely going to be phase rolled-out across the rest of the UK in the near future due to changes in the Immigration Act. 

Illegal tenants will be evicted abruptly without having to go through court and any landlord or agents who fail to comply with the scheme could face substantial fines and even, in some circumstances, prison, however this should be of little concern to landlords as the majority will have their properties managed by professional letting agents. In our industry regulation and legislation will become more complex but this should be seen as a marketing opportunity for agents.

Landlords will not take the risk or expose themselves to such onerous administration and costs. Our Tenant Global service allows us to take the stress from agents and landlords by confirming that a tenant has the right to rent, taking full consideration of the Immigration Act. This service protects agents and landlords against any penalty that may be applied by the Home Office if the tenant has met our criteria.

For more information regarding our Tenant Global service contact Joanna Dickens, Head of Customer Development, at joanna.dickens@letalliance.co.uk

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