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The Importance of Rent Guarantee

Posted by on September 2, 2015

Rent guarantee should be the starting point for any let, whether this is through efficient referencing or other rent guarantee services.

Let Alliance’s Rent Guarantee service offers a standard policy which includes nil excess with a cover limit of £2,500, total claims limit of £50,000 and full legal expense cover. Upon accepting a claim the insurers will seek repossession of the property at their own expenses.

Let Alliance offers Rent Guarantee options to suit your business model; with our Per Tenant policy offering free referencing and tenant support options, or our Per Property policy that offers no loss on cover on changes of tenancy, covers individual properties as new tenancies commence or our Portfolio Transfer.

Portfolio Transfer allows you as the Letting Agent to cover your entire managed portfolio in a single transaction then protects your Landlords from the risk of rent arrears and legal disputes, protects your fee income and will even generate you significant additional revenue.

With the increasing number of tenants in arrears, it is important that you, the letting agent, are fully aware of your options and can provide the best possible service to your customers to protect them from rent arrears and disputes.

If you would like any more information about our Rent Guarantee service please contact Joanna Dickens, Head of Customer Development directly at joanna.dickens@letalliance.co.uk

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