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Viral Twitter campaign shaming letting agents and landlords

Posted by on May 5, 2016

Over the past week, a campaign has circulated online with tenants sharing the negative experiences they have faced due to their landlord and/or letting agent.

Started by pressure group Generation Rent, the social media campaign sees tenants post a photograph holding up a written post expressing their frustrations, followed with the hashtags #VentYourRent or #RantYourRent.

The campaign could be seen as detrimental to the PRS as it only highlights the negative aspects of lettings. The majority of letting agents provide an outstanding service to their customers, both landlords and tenants.

Andy Halstead, CEO says: “Letting agents who have gone the extra mile, offering added value services through providers such as Let Alliance and those who have worked around the clock to secure tenancies and manage the maintenance of properties, have excellent relationships with their tenants. I personally know of letting agents who have worked at the weekend, during holidays and over Christmas to help tenants who rent properties that they manage.”

Aimed at a letting agent, one user Tweeted ‘Was threatened by my agent with slander case for exposing their fraudulent gas safety certificate. #VentYourRent’

Another posted ‘Our only shower was broken for a total of 3 weeks. The agent offered to bring us a bucket. #RantYourRent’

Pressure groups such as Generation Rent and Shelter fighting for stricter regulation often misunderstand that passing new legislation can add extra pressure to letting agents who are already providing a high-quality service. Facing extra administration and tighter margins, it is often the reputable agents who suffer, whilst ‘rogue’ agents continue to manipulate the system and mistreat their tenant customers.

Andy added: “Rogue agents are few and far between. #VentYourRent gives one side of the story which is important to understand but should not be taken out of context. We work with some 1,500 reputable agents who Generation Rent and Shelter do not give credit to. Legislation is part of the world that we live in and beneficial in many ways. We can help to ensure that future legislation delivers the right environment for all tenants, not just those who have been unfortunate to have a bad experience.”

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