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#TestItTuesday – a reminder of the carbon monoxide and smoke alarm regulation

Posted by on May 17, 2016

Last year regulation was passed from 1 October 2015, stating that landlords must install smoke alarms in any rented residential accommodation and on each storey, applying to both flats and houses. The regulation also requires carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted in any rooms that contain solid fuel appliances, such as a coal fire. In England, landlords who fail to comply could face hefty penalties of up to £5,000.

A viral campaign has surfaced today on the popular social media network, Twitter. The hashtag #TestItTuesday is circulating online urging users to test their smoke alarms. Increased media coverage of the importance of smoke alarms could draw attention to the landlords failing to comply. All landlords should ensure their properties are properly equipped with smoke alarms to adhere to the regulations, tenants can then #TestItTuesday and remain safe in their homes.
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