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Letting Agent Tenant Fees – Let Alliance Working For You

Posted by on November 23, 2016

I’m sure our letting agent customers are all now aware that the Chancellor will ban fees charged to tenants by letting agents. At this stage this is all that we know; we do not have any timescales or details.

Our Let Alliance letting agent proposition is designed to serve you, your business and your customers. Over the coming months we will develop our letting agent proposition to accommodate the new legislation wherever possible.

On 1st November 2012 the Government in Scotland banned letting agents from charging fees to tenants. Let Alliance responded to this legislation and developed our products and services accordingly.

During the coming weeks the Let Alliance team will be working with our letting agent customers, holding workshops with their business leaders to develop our proposition to ensure that we help our customers’ businesses sustain and grow their profitability.¬†This is a priority for us.

We are innovative, we have lots of ideas and we work with over 1,000 letting agent business owners. We are also letting agents ourselves. Together with our customers we will respond to the new legislation; we will put our customers first and help them to put their landlord and tenant customers first. To do this we must remain profitable and grow our businesses.

Andy Halstead, Founder & Chief Executive says: “Personally, I love nothing more than a serious challenge, and this one certainly falls into that category.”


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