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What is Rent on Time?

Rent on Time is a rent collection and tenancy administration service, securing your cash flow and giving you complete peace of mind that rent will be paid on time.

In today’s economy, rent arrears remain a continual concern. Problem tenants, continuing non-payment of rent and the potential legal and eviction costs can lead to significant income losses for you, in addition to unnecessary stress. Rent on Time from Let Alliance removes the risk from renting.  We work with you to guarantee your rental income and safeguard your investment. 

Your cash flow guaranteed

The Rent on Time service provides you with:

  •  Rent paid on time and in full regardless of the tenant defaulting
  • Expert rent collection and arrears management
  • Deposit management and registration with the Tenancy Deposit Service
  • Comprehensive tenancy agreements and legal notices regularly updated with changes in law and regulation
  • Legal cover providing protection against rent related offences
  • Dedicated claims team handling everything from court proceedings to evictions
  • Available to newly let and occupied properties, where the tenant(s) pass a Let Alliance Ultimate Reference
  • No claims, no excess, no waiting

Remove the risk from renting and guarantee your peace of mind with Rent on Time

For our landlord customers, we’re committed to:

  • Making business with us simple and with honesty, openness and integrity
  • Helping you when you need us most
  • Making your experience with us memorable for all the right reasons
  • Making promises, only when we can deliver them
  • Helping you maintain a strong property portfolio

What's included in the Rent on Time service?

  • Comprehensive tenancy agreements and renewals, updated every 6 months by our legal team
  • Expert rent collection and debt management
  • Rent paid on the rent due date every month regardless of whether the tenant pays
  • Rent paid up until vacant posession is achieved
  • Rent arrears chasing and administration handled by our team
  • Legal and eviction expenses in the event of court action
  • No insurance policy needed or claims required
  • No excess to pay

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