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Our Nil Deposit Scheme provides an alternative to the traditional deposit.

Finding a deposit when you’re moving into a new rental home can be tough when your previous deposit hasn’t been returned, and you’re paying your first month’s rent and the costs associated with moving.

How does it work?

  • You pay a Nil Deposit service charge; significantly less than a standard deposit
  • Our Nil Deposit service manages the payment of any entitlement to your letting agent, up to a maximum of 6 week’s rent, for any breach of the tenancy agreement, agreed by you.
  • You will reimburse Let Alliance for the sum agreed by you, or determined by an independent adjudicator in the case of a dispute, within 14 days of notification.
  • For rentals with more than one tenant, you nominate a lead tenant.
  • You have tenant’s liability insurance in place for the complete tenancy term and provide a copy of your insurance certificate.
  • In the case of tenancy extensions, a Nil Deposit extension service charge of £15 inc VAT is payable to Let Alliance every 6 months.

Our Nil Deposit scheme is only available through professional letting agents. Therefore, tenants requesting this product will be referred to a Let Alliance partner in your area.  For further information, please complete the form above and a member of our Nil Deposit team will contact you. Alternatively you can call the team on 01244 621 862 to find out more.

Nil Deposit

Providing choice for tenants and landlords, and protecting the landlord's property.

Joanne Hughes
Nil Deposit Advisor

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