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At Let Alliance, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do and that includes making things as easy as possible to understand.

You can always call our friendly and helpful Insurance Team on 01244 421 167 to ask any questions you may have or you can take a quick look at our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ below and you could find the answer you are looking for.

Our Insurance team is available Monday to Friday 9am – 5:30pm and you can also email our insurance team by clicking the button below.

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Accidents happen. For just £9.76 including Insurance Premium Tax (at the prevailing rate set by HMRC) per month by direct debit, you can take out this insurance to protect against any accidental damage to your landlord’s property household goods, fixtures, fittings and furniture (to be read in conjunction with our full policy Terms and Conditions).

Let Alliance tenants’ contents insurance will cover the value of your belongings in your rented home as well as including the liability cover and a host of other benefits. For more information please visit www.letalliance.co.uk/tenants-contents-insurance (to be read in conjunction with our full policy Terms and Conditions).

This is your choice. Things happen in life that you cannot predict and it is for this reason that insurance is so important. For example, you might accidentally damage the landlord’s property or there could be a storm, flood, fire or escape of water damage, not forgetting the possibility of theft.

Just call our insurance team on 01244 421 167 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a quote. You can purchase cover over the phone with all documents emailed to you immediately. Alternatively, email [email protected] and we will call you back.

We understand most tenants want to protect their belongings and do not want any potential deposit disputes. Our tenants’ insurance product is specifically designed to meet those needs, with benefits such as:

  • Liability insurance or contents and liability product options
  •  £0, £250 & £500 Excess options
  •  £10,000 contents cover as standard (up to £50,000 available)
  •  £5,000 liability cover as standard
  •  Plus much more (see www.letalliance.co.uk/tenants-contents-insurance or call 01244 421 167)

Up to 4 tenants per policy who must be 18 or over and named on the tenancy agreement.

Please call 01244 421 167 or email [email protected] and you can move your policy to your new rental home.

Insurance Premium Tax. This is a variable tax rate set by HMRC and is included in all our insurance quotes.

Yes – you can always upgrade. Please call 01244 421 167 or email [email protected] and our insurance team will talk you through the additional benefits of our contents insurance policy.

Let Alliance use Secure Hosting and Payments when taking debit or credit card details from customers. Secure Hosting has been in the payment service provider field since 1998 and in November 2009 became a wholly owned subsidiary of UPG plc. The payment card industry introduced strict data security standards (PCI: DSS) that have to be adhered to. These regulations are designed to protect cardholders’ information from fraudsters. Secure Hosting have achieved full PCI accreditation to the very highest level of PCI:DSS Tier 1 and to the latest standard 3.0

All monthly payments via direct debit are included in the ‘Direct Debit Guarantee’. It protects you in the rare event that there is an error in the payment of your direct debit and the efficiency and security of direct debit is monitored and protected by your own bank or building society.


You have a 14 day cooling off period immediately after purchasing your policy from Let Alliance, or from when you receive your documentation, whichever is the latter. This allows you to cancel the policy if you change your mind. Please call our insurance team on 01244 421 167 if you wish to cancel your policy. There is no pro-rata return of premium.


If you need to inform us of new bank details, please call us on 01244 421 167.

Please call our claims line on 0345 322 0124  or email [email protected] Our claims team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We strive to deliver outstanding customer service, however if you wish to make a complaint, please visit www.letalliance.co.uk/about/contact where you will find a link to download our complaints process.

If you have any questions about how the current situation in Ukraine might affect any of the insurance covers we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us.