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If you need to make a Rent Guarantee claim, don’t worry – our team of dedicated in-house claims handlers are there to make the claims process as simple and smooth as possible for you.

You need to make a claim when you deem the tenant to be materially in arrears and you have performed your debt recovery process. You have 31 days from the point of first arrears to make a claim.

Make a claim using Vision>Rental Guarantee>Make a Claim and we will work with you and our specialist solicitor partners to take the claim forward, including attempting to recover the debt from the tenant.

Please ensure you are familiar with acceptable deductions from a tenant’s deposit when submitting your claim.

Please also ensure that you include all the required documents with your first notification of a claim. This will avoid delays and at worst declinature of a claim. Before we can assess a claim, the documents required are:

  • Tenancy Agreement(s) – a copy of the current tenancy agreement in force and under which you require us to take legal action against the tenant(s). Where this is not the first tenancy agreement, we will also need a copy of that initial agreement. In Scotland, we require the AT5 served before commencement of tenancy.
  • Guarantor’s Agreement(s) – where a guarantor was required, a copy of the properly executed guarantor’s agreement.
  • References/Proof of Earnings/Proof of Address – a copy of the full references for each tenant and guarantor, together with any required supporting documentation as set out in the final reference report(s) e.g. proof of earnings, proof of previous address.
  • Rent Schedule – an up to date and accurate rent schedule clearly showing only the rents falling due, the payments made by the tenant and a running arrears balance, all in strict chronological order. Include any lump sum payments taken in advance as a credit entry alongside details of the monthly rent due. Do not include any insurer payments received or agent administration fees. A template rent schedule can be found in the Vision Document Library>Agent Downloads, to enable you to easily populate a schedule that can be used and updated throughout the claims process. You will see that it has a heading, Appendix 1; this is so we can use the statement as an attachment to present to the court so it is vital that it is accurate first time around.
  • Contact With Tenant – copies of your file notes of telephone conversations, letters, text messages and/or emails, including any notices you have already served, showing that you have contacted the tenant within 7 days of the rent default and that, where the rent remains unpaid beyond 7 days, that you have contacted the tenant again within 14 days and have also contacted the guarantor(s), if appropriate.
  • Inspection – in the event you cannot contact the tenant as a result of the 7 days’ and 14 days’ contact set out above, and where it is lawful to do so, evidence that you have served notice of requirement to undertake an inspection of the property, to establish that the tenant is still in the property.
  • Deposit – evidence that the deposit, equal to or exceeding one month’s rent, has been taken prior to occupation of the property and has been protected in accordance with legislation, including the Deposit Certificate and service of the prescribed information along with any accompanying documents relating to the specific scheme being used.
  • Inventory/Check-In Report – a copy of the detailed inventory of contents and condition of the property at check-in.
  • Miscellaneous – if you are proceeding on an expired section 21 (England and Wales) notice, please also provide EPC certificates, Gas Safety certificates, How to Rent Guide and licenses, if the property is in a compulsory licensing area.

We appreciate there are a number of documents required but if we receive everything at first notification and it is all correct, we can process the claim quickly and efficiently for you.

If you require any help or guidance on submitting a claim using Vision please refer to the ‘Rent Guarantee – How to Claim Guide’ in the Vision Document Library>Agent Downloads, call the claims team on 01244 421 322 or e-mail newclaims@letalliance.co.uk.

Help us to help you by providing all of the documents required with your initial claim submission

Joan Sumner
Rent Guarantee Claims Team Leader

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